We want you to be completely happy with your purchase!

Colors - Keep in mind that electronic devices (computers, smart phones, etc.) all have different resolutions and color settings, so you should never rely solely on how a color looks on a screen.

So, we encourage you to see our fabric in person before making a purchase. We'll gladly send you a FREE sample of our Burlap fabrics, and even the postage is FREE (we'll pay for First Class Mail for your sample).

There's no risk to you; you don't have to pay for your sample - or postage - and there's no obligation to buy from us.

Why do we do this when other companies charge money for samples and/or shipping on them? Because we know that you'll LOVE the quality of our Burlap, and our unbeatable prices, and be back to shop with us!

No reason to wait! Contact us today and let us know a name and address to send them to.

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